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Sylenth1 v3.056 – Preset Demo (Factory Bank 1)

By May 17, 2019 No Comments

In this video, I demo all Sylenth1 presets in Factory Bank 1 and make a Martin Garrix (STMPD RCRDS) style drop in real-time using one preset from each of the 13 sound categories.

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Sylenth1 v3.056 comes with six soundbanks which contain up to 512 presets divided into four sub-banks of 128 presets each. That means Sylenth1 v3.056 now comes with over 3000 sounds! For the sake of time, I will be previewing the presets in Factory Bank 1 along with its four sub-banks only.

The times in which each instrument category is introduced can be found in the video and here in the description. This makes it easy to jump to a certain time in the video if you’re only interested in hearing specific sounds.

0:58 Arpeggios
3:30 Bass
6:04 Drums
7:16 Leads
11:40 Gates
12:20 Hoovers
13:16 Sequences
13:48 Keys
15:26 Pads
16:37 Organs
16:53 Brass
17:53 Endonyx
18:57 SFX
20:59 Full Mix

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