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Pro Tools 2019 – What’s New in Pro Tools 2019.5?!

By May 17, 2019 No Comments

So what’s new in the latest version of Pro Tools 2019? In this video we’ll be taking a look at all the best new features, improvements to workflow, system compatibility and more.

Today, I’m talking about the most recent release of what is still the industry standard DAW – Pro Tools 2019.5.

Ok. So Number 1. Support for macOS Mojave. This update finally allows Pro Tools users on Mac, to upgrade to Apple’s latest OS, which has been available for nearly eight months now. This update brings with it a significant boost in performance which will allows us to mix with more effects, plugins and virtual instruments without crushing our CPUs and crashing our creativity. So hey, maybe it was worth the wait.

Pro Tools has doubled the amount of MIDI tracks you can create from 512 to 1,024. This increase was made to accommodate larger templates for scoring sessions in Vienna Ensemble Pro and other instrument libraries.

Also, Pro Tools Ultimate now allows you to create up to 384 audio tracks with 192 inputs while the standard Pro Tools remains at 128 tracks and 32 inputs. Additional voice packs can be purchased to add another 128 tracks and you can purchase up to three of these packs providing a total of 768 audio tracks! This should be more than enough for even the largest of sessions – remember, they’re not even counting MIDI and Instrument tracks in that number.

With the latest version of Pro Tools, you can now make updates to tracks and timeline selections during playback so you can try out different effects, presets, loop points and more without interruption.

Some of the interactions you can now do without playback stopping, glitches or loss of sync include add or remove tracks, duplicate a track, make a track active or inactive, drag a track up or down, set or remove track input or send, drag sends or inserts between slots and tracks, activate or deactivate track sends, set, remove, activate or deactivate track output and change input monitoring on tracks. We can also turn Dynamic Transport and Loop on and off, link and unlink Edit and Play, select a clip, make or drag a timeline section, select half or double, change loop and tempo from the transport window and draw tempo curves. So, a lot of really good and much needed updates there that should really help us stay in the groove.

Pro Tools now lets you name new tracks as you create them by adding a “Name” field in the New Track dialog. This makes it faster and easier to name multiple new tracks. If you create multiple tracks and leave the name field empty, tracks will be numbered in order. If you create multiple tracks and give it a name, the tracks will be created with the name and automatically numbered sequentially. And if you import tracks, Pro Tools automatically creates names for you based on the file name and other factors. Though maybe not the coolest new features we could hope for in a DAW, these are all welcome improvements that should help us stay organized and more efficient.

Also, a new key command was added for the “snap to next or previous” feature. So now when you drag a sample anywhere on the timeline and you want it to butt up against the next or previous clip – all you have to do is select the clip and press control, option, period at the same time and boom, it’s right where you want it.

And this one isn’t for everyone, but for large post, broadcast or media education facilities, they can now purchase Pro Tools or Pro Tools Ultimate Multiseat Licenses, which include the Avid Complete Plugin Bundle, HEAT, Pro Tools Machine Control and Pro Tools DigiLink I/O Licenses with all Pro Tools Ultimate seats. Plus, the server-based, PACE “floating license” makes administering licenses quick and easy and eliminates the need for multiple iLoks.

Some other more minor updates include Selective Project Sync for Pro Tools First. It can now sync up to three projects at a time. There was also an enhancement to MIDI editing key commands when using arrow keys and a couple new updates related to the preferences for the video window and video sync offset.

Alright, so somebody get the conversation started. What is your favorite new feature in Pro Tools 2019? Let us know in the comments below.

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